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iStock-625892558-sOur physicians only have privileges at Honor Health Scottsdale Shea Campus. Therefore, if you plan on delivering at this hospital, one of our physicians will see you and your newborn within 24 hours of delivery. All you need to do when you go to the hospital to deliver is to give them the name of our practice or the physician you have chosen to follow up with once discharged from the hospital. Whomever is on call for our practice on the day you deliver will be the one to see you while in the hospital. Once discharged home, you can make a follow up appointment to be seen with your usual provider. Most newborns are typically seen in the office again within 2-3 days of discharge. If you choose to deliver at another hospital, your newborn will be seen and evaluated by the pediatrician staffed by that hospital, and your newborn will then be seen in our office in follow up, once discharged home.

Before discharge home from the hospital, there are several standard tests that are performed. This will include a hearing screen for your child, a congenital heart screening, a jaundice check, and a newborn screening. The jaundice check and newborn screening are typically completed at 36 hours of age but can be completed as early as 24 hours.

If you are having a boy and desire a circumcision, this can be completed in the hospital prior to discharge home. If you deliver at another hospital, most outside pediatricians will not perform the circumcision prior to your infant being discharged home. However, we can complete a circumcision in our office, as long as it is done within the first 30 days of life.

We encourage you to schedule a prenatal visit prior to delivery to answer all of your questions with regards to what to expect at the hospital when you deliver.

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