Start Gardasil at Age 11

Start Gardasil at Age 11
Posted on 03/07/2018
After reviewing newer data, your providers at North Scottsdale Pediatrics are strongly recommending the Gardasil vaccine for all boys and girls starting at their 11 year well visits along with Tdap and Menactra (meningitis). Gardasil is a vaccine that covers against 9 strains of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The 9 strains in the vaccine protect against almost all strains leading to cervical cancer as well as other types of cancers such as head and neck cancer. The vaccine is licensed for ages 9 to 26; however, the CDC recommends starting the series between 11 and 12. This recommendation comes from data showing better protection in the mid-twenties when the vaccine is given at a younger age. The current recommendation is for a 2-dose series for kids under age 15 and a 3-dose series if started after age 15. HPV vaccine testing has been going on for over 20 years, so we know that Gardasil is very safe and effective. Aside from hepatitis B, it is the only vaccine we have that can prevent cancer. Don’t hesitate to ask your child’s doctor if you have any questions about this or other recommended vaccines.

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