New Scheduling Announcement

New Scheduling Announcement
Posted on 09/04/2019

New Scheduling Announcement:

Check In time is 20 minutes before appointment time

The providers of North Scottsdale Pediatrics have always been committed to provide the best care possible for your children.  In that spirit, we have integrated behavioral health screenings and services into our practice to provide the best and most comprehensive care for our patients which includes evaluating their mental health and social needs.

Please help us do this by:

  • Arriving promptly at your check-in time, which is 20 minutes prior to your appointment time.

    Why? There are additional screens we would like patients to fill to assist in our assessment of mental health and/or community needs prior to your appointment. This will also assist us to work together to strive to decrease wait times for our families.

  • Allowing approximately 1 hour for well visits and more complicated visits, and 30 minutes for all other visits

    Why? This will give you a reasonable expectation of how long you will be in the office to allow time for checking in, addressing your questions and concerns, examination, and discussion with provider and taking care of any treatment plans.

  • Portal scheduling- please choose appropriate appointment times that allow enough time to address your concerns and questions and remember that your check in time is 20 minutes prior to your appointment time.

We thank you for working together to ensure the best care for our kids!

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